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Do You Remember Dear?

Now here we are
in the autumn of our lives
two old coots
you in your sweater two sizes too small
with a taste for bran muffins, crumb cake et al
and I with my grey hair, skin tags, wrinkles and all
not covering my mouth when I yawn …
Ah! There was a time
do you remember dear?
when the wind in my hair made you catch your breath
and the look in your eyes was reason enough
to live out the rest
of my days smiling.
Is it all gone
or are we buried so deep in dailyness –
the salmagundi of fevers, taxes, commuting
and corn on the cob
that you no longer see the color of my eyes
and I no longer see your pain
Let us go then
Oh! let us go
now that we have time
to that first moment
when first you smiled
and I looked up
at you —