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By the light of dawn, over steaming cups of tea, a daughter invokes the past and a mother opens her heart. Mumbai Mornings is centered mostly on conversations between Saya and her mother. As her mother’s stories about relatives long relegated to memory, unfold, it soon becomes clear to Saya that no life is ordinary. Etched in grim reality, touched with compassion, Mumbai Mornings moves seamlessly from present to past, casting an unsparing eye on the frailties and foibles of fathers and daughters, sons and lovers. In the end, this is a book about vulnerable, ambitious men and women striving for beauty and longing for redemption.

The Shenanigans of Time is an absorbing, vivid collection of interlocking stories. Myriad emotions are revealed – the turmoil and transcendence of childhood, parenthood, sex and love – that shape immigrant lives.

Whether it is the motelier Deven Shah and his deep seated desire to be embraced as the quintessential local only to be regarded as a foreigner by his own child, or Saya Sharma who fades in and out of her suburban life like a migratory bird, or the visiting Feroz grasping for a chance at domesticity with the volatile Rita, The Shenanigans of Time is ultimately a hymn of praise for the resilience of the human spirit and the desire for a place to call home.