The Shenanigans of Time Book Cover

The Shenanigans of Time

In her debut collection of interlocking stories, the author reveals myriad emotions – the turmoil and transcendence of childhood, parenthood, sex and love – that shape the ordinary mind, whether it is the motelier Deven (Dave) Shah and his deep-seated desire to be embraced as the quintessential local only to be regarded as a foreigner by his own child, or his sultry wife Alisha, hiding behind her perfumed complacency.

Saya Sharma, the protagonist, recently migrated to the USA who fades in and out of her suburban life like a migratory bird, both longing to belong, and aching to depart; or the visiting Feroz grasping for a chance at domesticity with the volatile Rita, The Shenanigans of Time is a hymn of praise for the resilience of the human spirit and the desire for a place to call home.

What Readers Have Said:

"An absorbing, vivid look at Indian culture...well-rounded characters whose different points of viewusefully inform the collection as a whole."

-Kirkus Reviews:

"A gripping variety of stories which tells the tales of intricately drawn characters in such a compelling way. "

-Amazon review

"The intertwining of characters and their lives is fascinating and the stories segue seamlessly into one another making for an enjoyable experience."

-Amazon review