A singular journey recording the travels and travails of a family flung across three countries. The Slow Disappearing is a deftly created lot about a family both frozen in time and careening into an uncertain future: A mother in the throes of dementia, fears the loss of words over the loss of life. The protagonist, trapped in her new role as the reluctant caregiver. A rebel sister who unearths a secret and is forced to close the distance on her past.

Each of these women has so many facets to her. They are broken in places that refuse to heal. “A woman must not love too much. It makes the gods jealous. Everybody knows that”. And yet, nothing heals quite like love. And that journey to make peace with oneself is transformative, to put it mildly. History collides with the stuff of poetry in this very nuanced novel.

The Slow Disappearing Book Cover
The Slow Disappearing Book Cover

The Slow Disappearing

"An emotionally authentic tale with vivid characters. Backstories reveal themselves through characters’ recollections, juxtaposed against current events; beautifully articulated prose."

-Kirkus Reviews

What Readers Have Said:

"A sensitive and delicately nuanced story of care-giving for a woman with fading memory that ought to be on your "must-read" list... will leave you moved and imperceptibly changed."

-Rekha Nigam, Storyteller, Screenwriter, Advertising Pundit

The text on its back cover rightly credits the author with the “heart of a poet”. A wise tale laced with poetry and ample humour.

-Alan Nazareth, Author of Gandhi: A Ringside Seat to History